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With involvement of third parties through the Saras.Care process, Saras.Care will take immense measures to ensure that all information provided by users is secure and no policies are breached by the participating third parties. It should also be acknowledged that although Saras.Care has implemented the use of these terms & conditions and privacy policy, they may become invalid if a court order is in play. 

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Terms & conditions regarding privacy and personal information can be further reviewed in Saras.Care’s privacy policy.

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If applicable, further actions may be taken.


In regard to Saras.Care’s terms & conditions and privacy policy, content provided by a user and by Saras.Care must abide by these guidelines.

By submitting a report through Saras.Care you consent to Saras.Care exercising all rights and principles displayed in the terms & conditions and privacy policy.

You acknowledge that information and materials you provide to Saras.Care is analysed and upon review may be forwarded to other parties in the process – inappropriate or insufficient materials and/or information may be rejected, only notifying non-anonymous users of this outcome.

Intellectual Property and Information

If you believe that copyright material or information, including sensitive information, regarding you has been submitted, received or published by Saras.Care without permission, then you are responsible for contacting Saras.Care immediately. You should state in the ‘contact us’ form the materials protected by copyright or claims of infringement, contact information (name, contact number or email), statement of non-authorised use and signature).

Users of Saras.Care must acknowledge that Saras.Care has included research by student interns and volunteers – therefore although reliable sources and research has been used, referenced where applicable, Saras.Care cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of information provided.

Users must acknowledge, that Saras.Care content and material may be subject to copyright therefore although access to download is available, the use of materials from Saras.Care may be subject to copyright issues if not authorised or referenced correctly.

Users must also acknowledge that other terms & conditions and privacy policies may apply to linked content and materials on Saras.Care’s platforms, therefore their policies and principles also apply for that material/content.

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All donations through Saras.Care platforms are at the discretion of the donator.

PayPal is a third-party entity that provides Saras.Care users with more security regarding their personal and banking information. As donations will be processed through PayPal, there terms & conditions and privacy policy apply alongside Saras.Care’s.

Any donations to Saras.Care that exceeds $2AUD will be tax deductable and Saras.Care will generate a receipt for the donator.

Donators must acknowledge that refunds cannot be processed by Saras.Care, for any donations made – exceptions may apply through communications with Saras.Care and PayPal personnel.


Any users who have enquiries or complaints regarding any aspect of these terms & conditions or the privacy policy may refer to the ‘contact us’ page.

Saras.Care aims to respond to these communications in a timely manner.

If young --- men were protesting against foeticide as passionately as they protest interfaith marriages, that really would be a marker of progress for the --- community...

- Harpreet Kaur Grewal (writer and journalist)

(She was) threatened with a forced abortion if tests showed she was carrying a girl in a subsequent pregnancy...

- A victim

Her in-laws were complicit in the physical and verbal abuse as well, pressing for a male heir...

- A concerned brother



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