RMIT, as a university, has provided a lot of support to us, from various departments from time to time at their maximum capacity. They have provided their assistance in various ways such as office space, mentorship, and guidance.

At project stage, we had MoUs with global, urban, social studies school and school of science. These schools have worked with us with project planning and designing. The school of science has contributed to technology-based projects such as Artificial Intelligence and application development. We were assisted by at least 90-95 students from RMIT school of science over the past 3 years. We have mutually beneficial outcomes with their academics and senior academics, with them mentoring us and us mentoring their students as well.

The GUSS has assisted us with Research and Development on deep social causes such as female feticide, gender identity and forced conversions. We had lawyers, criminologists and social justice students coming on board with us on these projects.
We continue to work very closely with the various departments and schools of RMIT. Although Covid has definitely slowed our projects with them, but our partnership is still intact with them, and we will continue to work with them in the long run