Our business and corporate partners

are significant in accomplishing Sarascare’s vision​​

Their generosity helps create a lasting impact in our communities


Sarascare takes its role in society very seriously as an incubator for high social impact ideas. We rely on a lot of local, national and international heroes, we see Google stepping up as a global hero, not only a household name but a superhero amongst corporates. They offered us a number of products and services ranging from all the communication tools to software tools that were needed to carry our work, be it work from home or on the grounds.
One of the outstanding features from them was the Google ad grants worth over $1,20,000. We are looking forward to use more of google platform to connect with like-minded people to enhance our network and provide support and care to Australians. Thank you google for making it happen
The Covid pandemic has impacted many families and organisations, including Sarascare. The sudden lockdown had made us evacuate our offices and all of our working team had to work from home. Thanks to Microsoft for making it easy for us.
By providing technology, Microsoft is helping Sarascare to continue to provide its extensive range of critical services for vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the best, most efficient way possible.
Microsoft has provided Sarascare with access software that includes Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Forms, Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps, OneNote, Project etc. – enabling Sarascare to improve its efficiency and capability.
All workers now have access to quality services and can collaborate with each other through Microsoft software such as SharePoint and Teams. This has greatly helped all of our team members to work even from remote locations. Keeping tabs on all the projects would not have been possible without the digital support of Microsoft has also provided us with Microsoft learn to discover new skills, find certifications and with interactive, hands-on learning path that helps our staff to develop in-demand technical skills related to widely used Microsoft products and services including Azure, Microsoft 365. Platform, Microsoft Dynamics.
Sarascare and BigW collaborated last November and distributed approximately $218,828.35 worth of goods that included accessories, shoes, and clothes to deliver across Melbourne that impacted hundreds of lives. Many of our initiatives like Diwali Donations and early Christmas Donations were supported as a result of this contribution. We donated to young kids at one of the religious centers in Craigieburn and families in Thornbury with the help of Darebin City Council. In addition, we prepared 150 gift packs that included toys, shoes, and clothes and distributed them amongst our young Australians as Christmas gifts as we believe everyone, regardless of the circumstances of this challenging year, has the right to a safe and happy Christmas. The founder of Sarascare, Gautam Gupta says, “Big W’s generosity has exceeded our expectations, and the number of individuals and families that have been supported as a consequence of the donations received would not have been feasible without them. We at Sarascare are absolutely delighted with what we have accomplished together and grateful for BiGW‘s contribution to helping families in times of need
We would like to thank the City of Melbourne who is the local government authority for central Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs for their support and encouragement to Saracare. They provided us assistance through grants that helped us in the investment of IT equipments that were essential for our operations of campaigns and projects
We appreciate Balsamiq for supporting a young charity like Sarascare. They have helped us to brainstorm design ideas and functionalities in the areas of our projects. With their product licenses and tools like Balsamiq Wireframes, which have assisted us in creating impactful graphics and designs that have attracted many eyes as we grow and walk on our path to reach out to many communities in need

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