Our business and corporate partners

are significant in accomplishing Sarascare’s vision​​

Their generosity helps create a lasting impact in our communities


The altruistic support provided by the Australian Global Health Alliance in the form of financial assistance of $90,000 is worth an appreciation and worth mentioning. It has assisted us in the administration of our projects as well as the acquisition of items for people in need. We acknowledge this support and look forward to enhanced partnerships with AHA as we extend our services in health and well being
Sarascare is proud of its tradition of being able to train many of young Australians to be more productive and gain meaningful employment. For such training, we need excess to technology and technical equipments, especially in a pandemic where most of us are working from home. Thanks to Energy Australia, the leader in the energy industry, for supporting us to serve society. They donated computing equipment worth $7000 that directly helped us in ensuring that we can continue to support our staff, volunteers, and trainees to be more productive. They had to compromise less. We are keen to extend our working relationship with Energy Australia to train more young people
LECA has been a consistent and early supporter of Saracare and has shown a lot of confidence in us and our mission; we appreciate LECA more than they themselves being a young Australian enterprise has contributed to a charity to make an impact in the society. This year, they have supported us with a generous amount of $20,000, to assist us in managing all of our operations and projects. We pride ourselves in conveying our appreciation to LECA for their contribution, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with them in the future
We are appreciative of THE HUB for giving us an opportunity to connect with various companies and agencies. They offered an office space with a yearly value of $10,200 at no cost. Because of the location, we connected and got access to six listed companies
The Covid lockdowns have overwhelmed us and there are so many families we have supported. These tough times have impacted so many young individuals who could not step out of their houses and have a normal childhood. In such times, the creativity of toys such as LEGO can enhance the relationships in families, especially for parents to bond with their children. We were very glad to support many families by distributing LEGO toys worth $12,000 and bringing joy to the young faces. We thank LEGO for helping communities to fight Covid impacts. Furthermore, we would continue to do more of such work in the coming time

Sarascare is growing, improving, and continuing to make an impact to the lives of thousands of Victorians

As the world fights Covid, we are at the forefront doing our bit to assist Victorians.

We are pleased to announce that our work has received recognition and support from many in our community. Thanks especially to the district docklands for sponsoring another great location for the work of SarasCare. This location will be used to conduct training and organise workshops. The focus will remain on community engagement, health and well-being workshops and jobs readiness programs

As a charity that relies on the individual and organization’s contribution; we come across various enterprises like Green Value Solar who are young start-ups but are committed to various causes which is appreciable. We would like to thank them for their kind support, donating $10,000 to our organization

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