Our business and corporate partners

are significant in accomplishing Sarascare’s vision​​

Their generosity helps create a lasting impact in our communities


The Foundation of Young Australians also known as FYA has been very supportive to Sarascare; they are located in the heart of Melbourne city and are structured to train young people. Their goal to help young Australians find meaningful employment directly links with our goal. When they heard about our aims of similarity and our contribution in generating employment in corporates, they went out of their way to ensure a space was made available to us. The location was provided to us for nearly two years that valued up to $36,000 each year. FYA will be forever in our hearts for believing in us and supporting us on our potential especially when we were growing
We appreciate Salesforce for being our tech companion and for constantly helping us by providing their cutting-edge technology. We are glad to have the opportunity to test Salesforce and its viability. With fast and easy adoption, Sarascare could manage and interact our resources in no time We also trained many young Australians in the software out of which nearly 15 individuals are into meaningful employment helping the Australian organisations work towards their vision
The Covid lockdown had a significant impact on Sarascare. We had to evacuate and move our office spaces nearly five times, costing us a lot of time, money, and energy that escalated our resource constraints. We faced many inconveniences to operate our campaigns with new locations every time, and our volunteers were also finding it hard to keep up with these locations. So, we decided to change our priority to get hold of an office space and started approaching various companies when came across Bizlobby. We would like to thank Bizlobby who very generously agreed to give us a long-term office location to host and facilitate our corporate and logistic work especially in times of need

RMIT, as a university, has provided a lot of support to us, from various departments from time to time at their maximum capacity. They have provided their assistance in various ways such as office space, mentorship, and guidance.

At project stage, we had MoUs with global, urban, social studies school and school of science. These schools have worked with us with project planning and designing. The school of science has contributed to technology-based projects such as Artificial Intelligence and application development. We were assisted by at least 90-95 students from RMIT school of science over the past 3 years. We have mutually beneficial outcomes with their academics and senior academics, with them mentoring us and us mentoring their students as well.

The GUSS has assisted us with Research and Development on deep social causes such as female feticide, gender identity and forced conversions. We had lawyers, criminologists and social justice students coming on board with us on these projects.
We continue to work very closely with the various departments and schools of RMIT. Although Covid has definitely slowed our projects with them, but our partnership is still intact with them, and we will continue to work with them in the long run

Australia is experiencing an unprecedented time full of challenges, battling bush fires, floods, drought, and the impact of COVID-19. With many Australian families battling this challenging year, some for the first time, our collaborative actions are more crucial than ever. The generosity and support of Australian corporate, such as Jeansweast, has a profound impact on the Australian community. Sarascare worked with Jeanswest Australian stores to collect their brand new of men’s and women’s brand-new apparels of that valued up to $25,000 to distribute to people in need in their communities. As a result, we could help many international students by ensuring they had warm sweaters, coats and jeans and Australian families that were facing hardships by providing them new apparels. The donation was immensely appreciated by a community that was experiencing economic hardship. WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR SUPPORT

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