Our business and corporate partners

are significant in accomplishing Sarascare’s vision​​

Their generosity helps create a lasting impact in our communities


We would like to share our gratitude for AWD Digital. They had put all the ideas together that collaborated with our mission and helped us to form our first professional digital presence.

We would like to acknowledge our volunteer intern Wanyi Beh whose contribution brought AWD Digital on board with us and be our sponsor.

Gautam Gupta, founder of Sarascare stated “I would like to thank AWD Digital to give an opportunity to our highly talented intern and encouraging Sarascare by organising our first very professional website made for us that enhanced our reputation and social standing.”

Their support was extremely helpful as it enabled us to transform from offline to online. AWD Digital has supported us with $30,000 in kind, and it would have been difficult for us to manage the launch of our website without their assistance.

We also thank AWD Digital for mentioning us in their philanthropic endeavours that have helped us reach out to more communities. For further information please click below https://awddigital.com.au/philanthropy/

Bunnings has proven a longstanding commitment when it comes to supporting the communities through their various campaigns like community sausage sizzles, team member involvement in community projects, product contributions and in-store fundraising. As local community activities were paused, Bunnings made the remarkable move to provide us support through its products worth $7000 that were distributed to assist vulnerable communities having a tough time. We are grateful for their generosity and look forward to collaborating with them in the future
We would like to acknowledge Oracle for supporting a growing charity like Sarascare. With this assistance, Oracle has encouraged many small to medium charities to network in the big link. Sarascare deals with many products that needs to be sorted and distributed with the help of over 200 volunteers. Whilst the management and resource planning get very critical and time-consuming, Oracle became a game changer for us, especially after the lockdown as resource planning became even more complex. We were happy to implement their ERP system in our organization

Darebin is home to a plethora of excellent organizations and individuals that make significant contributions to the community. Darebin City Council, our project partner, is dedicated to assisting initiatives that are important to the community. We are grateful to Darebin City Council for assisting us by providing a location to store, sort, and distribute our donation products.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have received assistance from councillors who visited and encouraged our volunteers. Our heartfelt, sincere thanks to Mayor Cr. Lina Messina, Deputy Mayor, Cr. Gaetano Greco, and Cr Tim Laurence, also Board Member Cr Emily Dimitriadis. We would like to convey our special thanks to Cr Julie Williams, for volunteering along with her family. We acknowledge her for frequently visiting us, giving her time and efforts that added much more value to our campaigns. Additionally, we acknowledge the many council staff who worked with us and facilitated our stay in the community centre.

In the City of Darebin, we assisted many local residents who for some or other reason went through a very difficult time in their lives, many of them were direct Covid impacted individuals especially members of East Preston Islamic College and many young families who became homeless or were on the verge of becoming one. We also supported a number of families who lost their homes in fire, we were able to replenish their whole wardrobes. Thanks to generous donations by large Australian corporates. We also provided case management and counselling support to young families, young girls, and victims of domestic violence.

We feel there is much more we can do with the council, and we will continue to support the council when requested

We may often neglect or overlook our safety and health while working for the betterment of society, owing to our hectic schedules, but we commend our contributor Kogan for their thoughtful gift of a personal safety reminder. At this time of crisis when Covid-19 is doing havoc and our communities are suffering from its spread. During our campaigns our distributing staff, volunteers and interns had to interact face to face with many recipients putting their lives at risk. We are grateful to Kogan to support us in such times by providing 3M PPE kits since we were obliged to use them and when they were expensive and unavailable. The masks were used by our volunteers and staff and also donated to the recipients to keep them safe, we still have the N95 masks in our office for the safety of our staff and visitors

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