We would like to share our gratitude for AWD Digital. They had put all the ideas together that collaborated with our mission and helped us to form our first professional digital presence.

We would like to acknowledge our volunteer intern Wanyi Beh whose contribution brought AWD Digital on board with us and be our sponsor.

Gautam Gupta, founder of Sarascare stated “I would like to thank AWD Digital to give an opportunity to our highly talented intern and encouraging Sarascare by organising our first very professional website made for us that enhanced our reputation and social standing.”

Their support was extremely helpful as it enabled us to transform from offline to online. AWD Digital has supported us with $30,000 in kind, and it would have been difficult for us to manage the launch of our website without their assistance.

We also thank AWD Digital for mentioning us in their philanthropic endeavours that have helped us reach out to more communities. For further information please click below https://awddigital.com.au/philanthropy/