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Covid–19 has affected a lot of people in Australia from different sections of people and different communities

Sarascare has focused on helping people and provide all possible amenities to survive throughout the pandemic. By partnering with a number of Australian clothing brands, we were able to distribute over $400,000 worth of clothes to people in need. We can proudly say that not only we provided clothing for the people in need but we also reduced the huge clothing waste that goes to Australian landfill

Asylum Seekers

There was a  family of four boys and one baby girl, visited our charity location to get material relief. They had no access to a Medicare card and Centrelink, their income was quite limited and  they were not eligible for any Federal government payments such as JobKeeper or JobSeeker. They were surviving on income support from the Red Cross. Sarascare has provided high quality clothing for the whole family during the pandemic times

International Students

Group of international students who had no job opportunities and almost no savings visited our charity centre during the pandemic time, also did not have any access to all the Federal support. We tried our best through material and moral support to the students who were trapped in Australia

Disability Pensioners

Sarascare has helped a number of disability pensioners at our COVID – 19 relief centres with clothing selection and registration process. Our staff has treated them with great dignity and patience

Aged Pensioners

Aged pensioners have fixed incomes that makes them difficult to reach day to day necessities. New clothing becomes an occasional treat rather than a regular purchase. Sarascare provided them with new clothing and new shoes for family outings and for other house chores, making them comfortable to walk around

Single Parents

During the pandemic, single parents and women disproportionately lost jobs and work hours. A single parent who had struggling to get through the lockdown while taking caring of the child came to the relief centre to seek quality clothing for her children. Sarascare were able to provide relief to such distress single parents and all thanks to the high quality of the clothing that was given by our Australian donors


When jobless clients visited the relief centre, we were able to help them procure appropriate and professional clothing for job interviews. We also assisted unemployed clients with help to write quality resumes and CVs and provided links to employment opportunities

Job Ready

Sarascare has partnered with RMIT for a comprehensive job skill program. Through this program we have helped both international students and local people to get job ready both for public and private sectors for the Australian market. We proudly list the following ways in which we helped people for job ready

Training Programs

Sarascare offers on-the-job training to students so that they have a work experience in their chosen field. The training opportunities make the students work closely with the   project teams, community members and clients. Such experiences will help them enhance their skills according to the requirements in the Australian market. Such experiences will also help them develop the confidence and readiness for the job interviews in their required field

Skills Upgrade

Many talented people come to Australia as migrants and as international students, we offer them our services to enhance their existing talents and help them harness their skills for use in the local job market. We can proudly say about the success that have flowed from our important partnerships

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