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The work being done at SarasCare is to empower women to raise their voices about harassment, abuse and justice. We aim to empower common people to report on female feticide as well as having human rights violations communicated effectively to authorities and activists. SarasCare is always looking for effective ways to help whether it is a donation, volunteer, internship opportunities or an ongoing partnership. Click the following links below to find out more.

If young --- men were protesting against foeticide as passionately as they protest interfaith marriages, that really would be a marker of progress for the --- community...

- Harpreet Kaur Grewal (writer and journalist)

(She was) threatened with a forced abortion if tests showed she was carrying a girl in a subsequent pregnancy...

- A victim

Her in-laws were complicit in the physical and verbal abuse as well, pressing for a male heir...

- A concerned brother



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