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What we do

SarasCare is an innovative Social Impact enterprise aiming to use technology to rescue, rehabilitate and relocate at-risk girls subject to extreme violence.

We are developing a range of technology-led solutions that can help anyone fight social injustices affecting women in India and around the world.

The WebApp enables victims or witnesses of female feticide to report anonymously. The report is processed by us and the appropriate authorities are informed and engaged for swift action.

With our intervention, we will be able to reduce the act of gender selection and female feticide.


We are fighting to save millions of girls who are lost each year to gender-based abortions, which mostly affect women. Millions of girls are killed each year in India and China and this trend is now coming to Australia.

We want to STOP these senseless killings. We have a mission ZERO – no girl is killed because of their gender.

Who we are

SarasCare was established in Australia by a group of like-minded individuals, who at some point in their lives observed a drastic difference in the way women are treated.

It could be a daughter’s birth, a mother’s intervention or a sister’s support that has brought us together to tackle injustices faced by women.

Our endeavour requires the involvement of activists, educators, economists, policymakers, medical professionals, technologists and visionaries. We work together in a structured way to engage the community and take a stand against the injustices caused by some societies and their cultural practices. We are ambitious and passionate about ending the victimisation of females and taking a firm stand against female feticide.

How will we achieve mission ZERO

Any campaign is as strong as the people supporting it. This campaign has attracted people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Over sixty people have worked in doing the research and developing the platform. And many more continue to join us to build it further.

Major corporations such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook have already pledged their support by way of providing their technology platforms. The list of such supporters continues to grow.

We are also working with RMIT University and Victoria University who have provided us with resources including staff for Project Management and workspaces.

Together we are working to design and develop new solutions to existing problems. It is time for us to expand and test our solutions. Join us (via email: team@saras.care) and help make an impact.

We at SarasCare are driven to do exactly that.

To address female feticide and infanticide, one of the worst human rights violations in existence, we design and develop world-leading solutions. We have six values that our organisation stands on.

  • 01 Trust

    We say what we can do, we do what we say
  • 02 Reliability

    We do things on-time and on schedule
  • 03 Experience

    Every experience gained in any task is valued and encouraged
  • 04 Expertise

    Everyone is supported to build expertise in whatever they do
  • 05 Respect

    Every person is treated as an individual, and all opinions matter. 
  • 06 Justice

    All actions add to a fairer, equitable society 

If young --- men were protesting against foeticide as passionately as they protest interfaith marriages, that really would be a marker of progress for the --- community...

- Harpreet Kaur Grewal (writer and journalist)

(She was) threatened with a forced abortion if tests showed she was carrying a girl in a subsequent pregnancy...

- A victim

Her in-laws were complicit in the physical and verbal abuse as well, pressing for a male heir...

- A concerned brother



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