We are fighting a mindset where girls are killed

Aborted and abandoned simply because they are girls.

What is female feticide?


Saras.Care - Female Feticide

Female feticide = the practice of aborting a fetus when it is female

According to UN statistics it is estimated there are up to 200 million girls that are missing globally.Reggie Littlejohn | President, Women's Rights Without Frontiers


Today, India and China eliminate more girls than the number of girls born in America every year.Dr. Sabu George | Public Health Activist

How It Works

If you suspect that someone is planning to commit a crime of female feticide, follow these steps

Witness an Offense

Overheard someone planning to get gender determination test? Or know someone who suspiciously had a ‘miscarriage’?

Provide Evidence

You can tape the conversation or create a video using your mobile and directly upload the evidence here.

Follow Up

By providing your details, you will be able to keep track of the progress of the case.

Be the Change

Become an Activist for change by selecting an option below:

Our Supporters

If young --- men were protesting against foeticide as passionately as they protest interfaith marriages, that really would be a marker of progress for the --- community...

- Harpreet Kaur Grewal (writer and journalist)

(She was) threatened with a forced abortion if tests showed she was carrying a girl in a subsequent pregnancy...

- A victim

Her in-laws were complicit in the physical and verbal abuse as well, pressing for a male heir...

- A concerned brother



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